Plant & Equipment

Haycor Pty Ltd has been operating in the Construction industry for in excess of twenty years.


During this period we have developed considerable expertise and skill amongst our workforce as well as building up the necessary equipment and resources to enable works to be completed to a high standard.

All our operators hold current certificate qualifications are competent and well experienced


Haycor offer a reliable and competitive haulage/float service.

Please contact us for our rates and availability.

WHSE Management

Our Safety and Environmental systems have been developed over a number of years by staff and management in line with developing technology, relevant laws, acts, regulations, rules, codes of practice and client requirements.

Due to the very nature of the work in which  our employees are required to work we view it as essential that safe working practices are in place to enable work to be undertaken safely and that the systems and site risk assessments are effectively implemented in the work place.


The Benefits of Haycor Pty Ltd:




  • A proven and long-term history in all facets of multi discipline civil construction.


  • A proven record in underground services.


  • Highly skilled and motivated staff and equipment operators underpinned by the strength and commitment of our management team.


  • Proven systems for co-ordination, management and control.


  • A philosophy of consultation and the importance of the customer.


  • Lateral and energetic thinkers.


  • Our certified operators and personnel are subject to regular and thorough safety audits and all our equipment is fully maintained and serviced to the highest standard.


Haycor Pty Ltd was formed in 1997 with its operations being based primarily in Sydney.

Haycor Pty Ltd has wide experience in the broad spectrum of contracting.  We have for many years operated in the supporting subcontract role, plant hire and that of prime contractor. 

We understand that the specialist knowledge required for certain projects can often be achieved by the pooling of resources, be that with specific technology companies or supplementing a clients own expertise.

Haycor Pty Ltd has a commitment to managing its staff and our interface with other large organizations in a way that promotes healthy long-term relationships with the industry rather than short-term expediencies.  Our focus is therefore on preventative issues rather than reactive and upon continuous improvement, training and individual accreditation.



For a full list of our available equipment and rates please contact us




For any enquiries or questions please call : 
02-9555 5762 or Mobile:  0417 273 604
If you wish to email your enquiry please use the form below.
Head Office

Unit 7, 25-27 Crescent Street,

Rozelle, NSW 2039


To apply for a job with Haycor, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: accounts@haycor.com


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